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R21 Champagne Petit Clergeot Les Commes

R21 Champagne Petit Clergeot Les Commes


NV (2021)



Pinot Noir




Feral Factor: 1

Dosage: 0gr/l

Disgorged Jan 2024


Paul Clergeot took over his parents vines in 2017, and with just his second release is taking a unique path. His approach of "1 parcelle, 1 cepage, 1 vendage" led to just two releases for the 2020 but a third will arrive next year.


3,186 bottles each of this wine. The vines sit in stark contrast to the desert like surrounding vineyards where life is controlled by herbicides. Paul-Bastien is working these vines entirely by hand. They are trained high to provide shade, but that means you cant access by tractor - only a small handheld machine that uses 4 litres of fuel instead of the 100 litres, not to mention the benefits of uncompacted soil. Its a bit richer, fruitier than the Chevry cuvees. 


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