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2021 Ormiale Lies

2021 Ormiale Lies





Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Semillon




Feral Factor: 2


Ormiale is a rare Bordeaux that brings back the elegance that so many have lost these days. Very low yields, meticulous work in the vines (Demeter certified), fully destemmed by hand, late releases after long slow barrel aging, and a low intervention approach make for great Bordeaux.


A unique wine, the Ormiale team left the 'dregs' of the barrels used for the main wines in their very cold cellars under the St Emilion tower for 9 months over winter. The lees separated and it grew a 'voile', but theres no hint of oxidation here, indeed it shows reductive now, but is an effortlessly light 'tonic', like a mountain stream, evolving in the glass. Unique.


Important - Max 1 per client - only 395 made

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