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2021 Ormiale

2021 Ormiale





Cabernet Franc/Merlot




Feral Factor: 2


Ormiale is a rare Bordeaux that brings back the elegance that so many have lost these days. Very low yields, meticulous biodynamic work in the vines , fully destemmed by hand, late releases after long slow barrel aging, and a low intervention approach make for great Bordeaux. 


After the hotter 2018/19 vintages 2021 is a return to a more classical Ormiale. (There is no 2020)


60% Cabernet Franc and 40% Merlot, the first time ever where its been mostly Cab Franc. Gives a more herbal, leafy nice and packed full of bright plum and berries on the palate. As always hand harvested and perhaps uniquely in Bordeaux - fully hand destemmed. The first vintage vinified in the new cold cellar under the tower in St Emilion.


Nothing ever added.

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