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2021 Bastian Wolber Laisse Tomber Chardonnay (Read notes!)

2021 Bastian Wolber Laisse Tomber Chardonnay (Read notes!)









Feral Factor: 2


Its over two years since we fell in love with Bastian's 2019s, which were made with grapes from Burgundy, Alsace and Germany (vinified at his brother's Wasenhaus estate).


For the last two years he has been installed in Volnay, and focussing on Burgundy - with the odd venture into Baden and Alsace "Because I just love Riesling" he told us.

Basti worked with Bizot, Trossen and Leflaive along the way but he is making wines his own way, a little from vines he owns, the rest from purchase grapes - organically or biodynamically farmed.


897 bottles and 25 magnums of this racy, pure elegant white from Remi Desmaris of Aime Blouzard.



Max one per cuvee per person and please order at least one other bottles for each of Bastians.

All rear labels are stamped with our “Feral” logo and numbered - NOT FOR RESALE.

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