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2020 Jonas Dostert Pinot Noir (Read notes)

2020 Jonas Dostert Pinot Noir (Read notes)





Pinot Noir




Feral Factor: 1


Jonas is one of the top talents to emerge in the last few years in the Mosel, but this time right on the Luxembourg border. Brilliant wines, organically farmed with minimal sulphur, always so fresh and light yet complex. Our good friends at Mosel Fine Wines say:


The 2020er Pinot Noir (with L-Nr. 6-22) was made with whole bunch fruit macerated for 10 days and was fermented and aged along natural lines, i.e. without intervention, in 7-to-8-year-old 228-liter oak barrels from Burgundy before being bottled in April 2022 unfiltered and with little SO2 added (30 mg/l). It offers an absolutely jaw-dropping nose made of juicy scents of cherry, wild strawberry, and blueberry wrapped into a most stunning sense of fine Asian spices and clove. The wine is still subtly tart yet fruity on the palate and leaves a most elegant feel of fine spices and deep ripe red and black-berried fruits in the long finish. The aftertaste is still a tad tart at this stage but proves a tour de force as it is deep yet airy, silky yet firm, and smooth yet focused. What a superb and gorgeously complex expression of Pinot Noir from the Mosel! The difficulty will be to not drink the few rare bottles one will get before this beauty reaches maturity. 2025-2035 (94 points)



Please buy one of Jonas' other bottles per bottle of Pinot.

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