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2022 Les Horees Package 5 (Read Notes)

2022 Les Horees Package 5 (Read Notes)


Please note - Les Horees Packages are limited to one per customer. Don't try and sneak a second one using your Granny's name and address - we will know!


Also all Horees bottles are stamped on the rear label with our logo and numbered - not for resale!


One bottle each of:


2022 Les Horees Bourgogne Rouge Les Six Ifs

2022 Maison Harbour Aligote Les Corvees

2022 Maison Harbour Bourgogne Pinot Noir

2022 Domaine Dandelion Aligote

2020 Fiona Leroy Aligote

2022 Si Tu Sais Aligote Les Vries

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