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2020/21 Jonas Dostert Chardonnay

2020/21 Jonas Dostert Chardonnay









Feral Factor: 1


Jonas is one of the top talents to emerge in the last few years in the Mosel, but this time right on the Luxembourg border. Brilliant wines, organically farmed with minimal sulphur, always so fresh and light yet complex. Our good friends at Mosel Fine Wines say:


The 2021er Chardonnay (with L-Nr. 5-22) was made from young vines (planted in 2015) and was fermented and aged along natural lines, i.e. without intervention, and was bottled after a rough filtering and with little SO2 added (30 mg/l). This gorgeous bright-colored wine offers a superb nose made of mineral elements, citrusy fruits, subtle spices, and herbs. The wine is gorgeously playful and immensely precise on the palate, where a touch of oak impact is impeccable integrated. The finish is all about freshness and elegance. What a huge success! Now-2026 (92 points)

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