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2020 Madame Flock Schmetterling

2020 Madame Flock Schmetterling





Muller Thurgau, Riesling, Kerner




Feral Factor: 2


Robert and Derek are Madame Flock. They are in the Terrassen Mosel, where a small band of winemakers are shaking things up. Wild ferments, no herbicides and just a little sulphur on bottling. The vineyards are crazily steep and hard to work, the wines have just the right amount of crazy too. We love them.


This blend of local grapes is floral, delicate, skinsy, and very pretty, with air it takes on greater depth and purity with just a little funk under its wings.





The 2020er Schmetterling (butterfly in German), as it is simply referred to on the consumer label, with lot number MF 001 2021 is a bone-dry blend

of Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, and Riesling grapes fermented without intervention in a mix of tank and oak and bottled unfiltered and without any sulfur

added. It offers a beautifully fruity and spicy nose with only a hint of funk and greets one with superbly tart flavors of spices, herbs, and citrusy fruits

packed into riper elements of quince on the palate. The finish is juicy, fruity, remarkably playful, and airy. This is a gorgeous wine which clearly

kicks far above the humble levels of a “simple summer wine.” Now-2024

91 Points - Mosel Fine Wines

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